Doggy Dan Review: How Good is The Online Dog Trainer Program

What is the Online Dog Trainer Program? Is it any good or just a typical dog training program with no actual benefit for the end-user? In my Doggy Dan review, I will critically analyse all the key benefits and major flaws of the Doggy Dan program that will help you make an informed decision. I will also take a deep look at credibility of “Doggy Dan” who is the author of The Online Dog Trainer program. Beware that this is a fairly long review, so it can take you a while to finish reading till the end.

My Doggy Dan Review

So, without any further ado, let’s start my Doggy Dan review. Stay with me right to the end, so that you can in a better position to judge if this is program is right for you or not. Majority of the Doggy Dan reviews published online just speak about the benefits of the system, however I will also discuss the disadvantages of the program because I personally used it to train my husky dog.

Who is Doggy Dan?

Daniel Abdelnoor aka Doggy Dan the dog trainer, who runs, is a full-time dog trainer in New Zealand. He’s also an activist for animal rights and a celebrity dog trainer, as well as an author and media personality. Dan the dog man worked with and trained a variety of dog breeds and has worked with all types of dog training issues.

What is the Online Dog Trainer Program?

Here are my two cents on the Online Dog Trainer Program designed by Doggy Dan. We’ll also see how it relates to modern dog training.

With the Online Dog Trainer Program, Doggy Dan is able to train dogs without using things like clickers or stinky dog treats. He also doesn’t shout at the dogs in order to train them. Dan believes that dogs who are treated poorly won’t truly want to obey their owners. He doesn’t want your dog to fear you in order to obey you. Instead, he focuses on loving ways to train your dog that don’t involve any sort of cruelty. The best part about the Online Dog Trainer Program is knowing that your dog will remain happy even while learning to obey.

Doggy Dan breaks through antiquated dog training myths, such as that the only way to train a dog is to use a shock collar. He also avoids using unnecessary dog training methods, even if they’re doggy dan reviewnot cruel. For example, many dog trainers use clickers, which don’t hurt the dog in any way but instead click in order to communicate with the dog. Dan feels that dogs are able to listen and communicate with their owner without the use of this clicker. He truly values dogs and treats them like the smart,
insightful animals they are.

Behavioral Corrections using Doggy Dan Program

There are a number of things that Doggy Dan can help with through the online dog trainer program when it comes to your dog’s behavior. Overall, there are 34 different issues that Dan can work on with your puppy or dog. Some of those behavioral issues include:

  • Recall (coming when called)
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Jumping up on people or furniture
  • Housebreaking
  • Mouth issues (biting, chewing, licking)
  • Digging
  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Fear of people, animals or objects

Doggy Dan can also help dogs stay calm when their owners leave the home instead of crying and whimpering the entire time. Separation anxiety issues can have a major impact on dogs and their owners. A related issue that super dog dan can help with is the fear of loud noises, like the vacuum cleaning or fireworks.

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Free Video Series

By signing up for the Doggy Dan mailing list, you can access a free video series. The videos will teach dog owners how to get your dog to obey you. This videoThe Online Dog Trainer Program series is great for people who have a brand new puppy, as well as owners who have an older dog that’s in desperate need of training. Doggy Dan explains why “traditional” styles of dog training don’t often work and why using clickers or food to train dogs isn’t a good long-term solution. The videos also show pet owners how to get dogs to listen to them without using things like yelling, aggression, force or fear tactics.

The best part about Doggy Dan video series is that it won’t take hours upon hours to train your dog to obey you. The video series includes the following four videos:

  • Why Most Dog and Puppy Training Fails

  • How to Get Your Dog to Choose to Follow You

  • 5 Rules That Will Change Everything

  • The One Resource to Solve Every Dog and Puppy Issue

Videos in the Member Portal

If you’re a member of the Online Dog Trainer Program, you can sign in to your account through the member portal. This is where owners of puppies and dogs go for a solution to practically any dog training problem they have. Doggy Dan video lessons will help you learn to train your dog without needing to bring him to a live trainer or pay to have a live trainer come to you. Being able to learn everything there is to know online and when it’s convenient for you makes it easy to prioritize dog training. It’s practically unheard of to get real, effective, professional dog training right from your couch!

6 Sections of The Online Dog Trainer Program

The online dog trainer program has six sections, each tackling a different dog training issue.

The first section teaches the dog owner how to become the pack leader and take back the power. You will learn the Doggy Dan 5 golden rules for winning over your the online Dog trainer program reviewdog and taking back control. This section doesn’t just include the Doggy Dan 5 golden rules, but also 22 videos, as well as audio content, PDFs and articles. Section one is comparable to a full day of live dog training. The second section goes over tools and techniques you’ll use practically every day. These are the tactics that Doggy Dan uses when training dogs live. This section also includes 18 videos, as well as doggy dan book PDFs and articles.

Doggie Dan Section three is all about puppy training, including puppy health, socializing and training your puppy to obey commands. The main goal is to help you train your puppy so that he will be a joy for your family. This section includes 31 videos, as well as PDFs and articles. Section four continues with lessons for raising a great, well-behaved puppy. There’s a video diary that follows a puppy through the first year of its life. You can watch Doggy Dan training the puppy and learn through his example how to raise your own puppy. This section of the Online Dog Trainer Program includes 68 videos.

Section five tackles dog problems and behavior issues, like aggression and leash pulling. This section includes 56 videos, as well as PDFs and articles. Section six is about advanced dog training. This is where you’ll truly grasp dog training through 41 online videos, as well as PDFs and articles.

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Bonuses for Members

The Online Dog Trainer Program monthly members also get access to three bonuses in addition to the six puppy and dog training sections, countless videos, audio content, articles and PDFs. First, you can access the forum. This is where you can connect with Doggy Dan, ask his team dog training questions, and show them videos of your dog to explain the issues you’re having. The online dog trainer team will help you solve the problem you’re facing. You can also connect with other forum members to talk about your dogs, share tips customer support for the Online Dog Trainer Program by Doggy Danand discuss a variety of dog issues.

I actually love the Doggy Dan second bonus that includes weekly video updates. Every week, Dan films his live consultations and these videos are included in your monthly membership. You’ll be able to see how he transforms real dogs through live training. See how Doggy Dan uses the five golden rules and get an idea of how different training methods are used on different dogs in a variety of environments and locations. Every single week, there will be new online videos to watch.

Last but not least, the third Doggy Dan bonus is the Download Library where you can access a ton of the online dog trainer program content to download and keep! For example, there’s an audio series about training your puppy. Even if you end up canceling your Doggy Dan site membership, you’ll still be able to use this content once it’s downloaded to your device. If you want to learn about Dans ODT method, you’ll need to login and gain complete access to the doggy dans online dog trainer program.

Doggy Dan Three-Day Trial and Membership Pricing

If you watch the four free videos and feel that you want to give Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Program a try, a great way to start is with the three-day trial for just $1. After the three-day trial, the rate for logging in the membership portal and accessing videos is $37 per month. You can cancel before the three-day free trial ends to avoid paying the $37 or you can cancel your Doggy Dan membership at any point to discontinue monthly services. While the three-day trial doesn’t include the awesome bonuses, you will still be able to access everything else to determine if this is the right dog training program for you. If you know you’re going to want to access the official membership portal, you can pass up the three-day trial and instead sign up for six months and pay a total of $147, which is a savings of $12.50 per month. Compare this modest rate to a typical dog trainer’s normal rate of $500 per three hours. For six months, you can pay just a fraction of a dog trainer’s three-hour fee and get endless amounts of help and guidance with the Online Dog Trainer Program by Doggy Dan.

Customer Service and Money Back Guarantee

From the The Online Dog Trainer homepage, you can click on a box to chat live with Doggy Dan or customer support representative. If nobody is there to provide live customer support, you can leave a message for them to pick up later. This is the only complaint I have about the Doggydan program when I was planning to buy it. It causes a slight delay in the decision making process. However, the good thing is that the whole process is risk free. It is because after reading this Doggy Dan review and then trying out the service, if you later decide that it is not for you, you have 60 days to request your money back. The Online Dog Trainer program promises a “no questions asked” money back guarantee. It is completely a hassle-free refund mechanism and bears no risk for the end user.

Wrap Up of my Doggy Dan Review

Are you still with me reading my Doggy Dan review? Here are few things you should consider if you are still thinking to buy the online dog trainer program.

First of all, this program did work for me but it does not mean that it will work for you as well. Critically speaking, I do not like the alpha dog training style taught by Doggy Dan. Overall, this is safe and effective program that doesn’t have any practical disadvantages. We rate it 8 out of 10 and it’s far better than other low quality online dog training programs out there on the market. Secondly, the ODT program is jampacked with plenty of good information that proves to be useful for the people who grab it. I like the step-by-step guidance by Doggy Dan and the way he interacts with the whole online community of members personally is just amazing. Overall, the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Program is a BIG yes for me and would definitely help you to sort out dog training issues at your end as well.

After reading my Doggy Dan reviews, if you still have questions or ambiguities about credibility of this program, feel free to contact me here.

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