Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash

It’s great walking dogs on a daily basis. Not only does it give your dog exercise but it also give you exercise as well and gets you both out of the house for something a little bit different.

But how annoying is it when your dog constantly pulls and tugs and has a mind of its own when you go for dog walking? We will now give you some friendly tips in order to help walk your dog on a looser leash than you are used to and stop dog from pulling you constantly!

The best thing to do is start strict dog training regimen inside the house, in your garage or out in your backyard where it is fairly easy to retain control. Give yourself a long leash and only give certain amounts of distance between you and the handle and see how your dog reacts when it’s a loose leash. It may take a few goes but always make sure you reward your dog loose-leash-walk-doggy-danwith doggy treats every time your dog obeys your instructions. If it is difficult for you, you can hire dog walkers.

After you think your dog has the hang of walking on a loose leash you should take your dog outside and try it on the streets. The best way to start is to do so in a quieter area where there aren’t as many distractions so that your dog can remain in control as you can of it. Remember you are the leader of the situation so never allow your dog in public to get too far ahead or start misbehaving. Control the leash as to what length you want it at and when your dog finally walks how you want it to, you should always reward it with some doggy treats in your pocket.

As with any form of dog training it will take a long time with lots patience. Always stick to your training methods and never give up allowing yourself plenty of time to get it right! Then before you know how to walk your dog on loose leash you will have a well trained dog to walk on a loose leash and you will both be better off for it! And it also comes with a great rewarding experience for achieving your goal!

Many dog walkers are needed today to walk dogs. A dog walker has lots of responsibilities while walking a dog. Often, dog bites child or elderly people when they break free from the leash. So, make sure you know your dog well before going for loose leash walking.