How to best get your dog off a leash and still take it for a walk

Sick of walking dogs on a leash and having them pull you more than you pull it? Want to be able to be one of these smart people who have their dog walking right next to them without the aid of a leash? Well with some general steps and helpful hints, you too can become smart and have your dog walk with you without the aid of a leash and show off your dog training skills to the entire world!

  • The best way to start is to always ensure your dog is trained ON a leash before you even consider training it to walk off a leash. You should make sure the basics have been covered, such as having your dog have the ability to heal and stay on command and have a basic control over it walking when you walk dog in public. This may sound a bit silly given you want to train it to walk OFF a leash but it’s important to make sure that your dog will listen to you on a leash before it will when it’s off one. Make sure the dog is obedient, friendly, and you know how to walk a dog. Off leash dogs can go haywire. Incidents of dog biting child is common.
  • As soon as you have some control over your dog when it is on the leash then you can try dropping the leash as you walk to have it walk by you side by side. Obviously as soon as your dog starts to run off or stray away from you, you should immediately grab the leash and control your dog again as you don’t want it to run away from you and cause a scare. If your dog does however continue to walk by you side by side then praise it with rewards such as lots of pats and doggy biscuits that you can take with you in your pockets.
  • Once you feel you have gained control of your dog as it walks with you side by side you can then try using no leash at all. You should only ever do this as soon as you are entirely confident that your dog can walk next to you with nothing more than the control of your voice. Only then can you say you have trained your dog to walk with you off a leash.

As soon as you successfully complete this training you will certainly feel all the better for it, so keep up the training and before long you will have a dog that is capable of walking off a leash! The power to control dogs is a skill. If you have successfully kept your dog off leash, you would also know how to stop dog from pulling or how to stop dog jumping up. Special dog walker jobs are often posted that require trainers cum walkers to train dogs while dog walking.