Advice in stopping dogs peeing in your home

It’s an annoying thing to constantly find and smell dog urine in your house and after countless amounts of training your dog to still catch them in the act inside. This can be put down to dogs attempting to mark their territory or just general laziness and naughtiness.

Often, stress or illness can cause a dog to pee in sleep at its crate. For instance, it may have dream while sleeping at a cozy and spacious dog crate, only to relieve itself in deep sombre. A dog suffering from separation anxiety may often pee without notice when it is fast asleep. Just like any dog training chore, such as tasks to stop a dog barking, you must be patient, alert, and friendly to successful stop a dog to do a job that it is not supposed to do.

Here are some tips to help prevent your dog from relieving itself inside your house and ways you can go about stopping this habit completely.

  • A good idea is to de sex your dog at a very early age. This way it will prevent your pooch from getting extra sensitive when it’s on heat and stop it from marking places it feels threatened or will do so for the glory of a mate. Testosterone is a key factor when it comes to marking territory in a house so you should always consider this at a very early age.stop-dog-peeing-doggy-dan
  • Always supervise your dog very closely. A dog will be more likely to break the habit if they are caught in the act and you punish them immediately. Especially if you have a very young puppy this type of punishment and being caught in the act can work extremely well. Always try and supervise your dog as much as possible when it is in the home, especially when you think it might be attempting to do a week somewhere. Put them outside straight away when you catch them so they know they have been naughty. If you think dog sitters are wanted for dog sitting while you are away, ensure you instruct your sitter on all the behaviors of your pet. A dog sitting checklist would ensure that the sitter performs its task in the best way possible.
  • Create a water bottle or some form of spray bottle that you can spray your dog with when it is being naughty. This will then prevent them from doing it again when they get caught.
  • Make sure you always praise your dog a lot when they go outside and pee where you want them to. This way they know they have been good and know that they are doing the right thing and will continue to do so! This is very important!

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