Resource Guarding

If your canine friend is showing traits of ‘resource guarding’, take precautions before this dangerous trait can harm your family as well as your pet. Dogs which have not been cured from this harmful behaviour can bite people.

So, what is Resource Guarding?
Resource guarding is shown through growling or barking once someone tries to take away a toy or a bone from the dog’s mouth. The dog feels threatened of losing its possession and shows it through barking, biting, or violent reaction.

How to Prevent Resource Guarding?
Address such erroneous behaviours with care. For instance, you should:

  • Not use force to remove the object to stop resource guarding
  • Use a similarly attractive object, interesting treat if it is a bone for instance, to get the object from your pet in exchange
  • Use cue command to make your dog understand that you want it to release the object.

To prevent someone getting hurt due to your pet’s resource guarding feature, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure the dog is at peace when chewing a bone or savouring its meal. Don’t allow young kids to venture near it.
  • Keep the dog at safe distance to your guest who has just arrived to your home
  • Keep a number of toys, chewing stuff, bones, etc for your pet – especially, if you have more than one dog.

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