Stop Your Child From Being Bitten by a Dog

It’s an unfortunate fact but every year there are numerous children bitten or attacked by dogs. This usually comes down to children not knowing entirely how to react around a dog and then causing the dog to fight back due to it too not knowing how to react. Here are some simple steps to help you prevent the chance of attack on your child by your dog or any other dog that happens to come into contact with your child. A dog walker should also be careful in walking dogs, especially the dog is unruly.

  • Always teach your children the proper way to act around dogs. In no way should they ever try to walk up to a dog and pull on it’s fur or ears or other parts as a strong pull by a child can cause a dog to lash out towards them. If you are raising children around animals then it’s always important to make sure that you teach your children the correct way of acting around them.
  • Never let your children near a dog when it is eating or sleeping or even playing with a toy. These are generally the most dangerous times for potential attacks and you should always be cautious when you see your child around your dog at these times. Separate them as best you can as your child may not know that this is a dangerous time and your dog could lash out at them quite easily in defence.
  • Always supervise your child around dogs especially with a dog in public. This is really the best solution as you can always know what is happening at all times no matter what. You can then see closely what your child is doing around your dog and how it acts in certain situations and quickly teach your child what to do if it is doing the wrong thing. This way you know your child will understand due to you actually catching them in the act doing it and then teaching them right from wrong. This is the best solution.

Beware especially if when a dog is loose leash walking as you may not control it while dog walking. In an unforeseen situation, take the child to a doctor at once.