Training your Dog

A dog’s mother automatically trains her pups from birth. They are taught to eat and play on schedule and are given boundaries on how far they can travel. While a pup’s mother won’t always be around, pet owners have the ability to train their adult dogs in similar ways. It is important to assert rules, boundaries and limitations for your pet to control their behaviour.

When learning to train your dog, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Firstly, you must always be assertive and calm, and exude that energy to your dog. Nervous energy makes it harder to enforce your commands. This is similar to how a dog’s mother would enforce the rules; they use a quiet command, rather than being aggressive. Often, dog trainers are wanted to help train dogs and give them due attention as given by the dogs’ mother.

The next important rule is to enforce ownership and territory. It is in a dog’s nature to assert ownership of a certain space, and this could lead to misbehavior or lack of response to your authority. It is important that you ensure that the dog understands you own the space, and this will allow your pet to respect your authority. Many pet owners hire dog walkers to walk their dogs. Often, dogs require training when they dog walk for the first time. You dog walker may ask for more remuneration in such cases. Ensure you address all FAQs before leaving your pet with the trainer.

Aside from territory marking, you must ensure that you use time and schedules while creating boundaries and rules for your pet. Dogs respond well to schedules, and when they are made to wait for something, they are trained to work and behave for their treats. As a trainer, you must establish your authority by creating schedules and patterns for good behaviour. Making your dog wait to be fed after a walk, or giving him food when he does something good, keeps him calmly passive and happy. If your pet has a particular trait, you should inform your dog sitter in case you are leaving your pet for some days. Don’t forget to keep a dog trainer checklist while hiring a dog sitter.

It is essential that you establish yourself as the authoritative figure in your relationship with your dog. You are responsible for setting the rules, boundaries and limitations, and you must always assert them in a calm, friendly and positive manner.