Walking with your dog out in public

When you get a new dog there is so much dog training tasks to be implemented and make it learn to reach all the goals you have set yourself. Here are a few tips to walk dog with you in public and have the ability to do so without feeling embarrassed with your new pooch.

  • The best option as to how to walk a dog which is young and inexperienced is to get a leash for your dog that is strong and sturdy and that you feel comfortable with and attach it to a collar that meets the same criteria. You can test this out with your new dog when you get it home. You should then attach both to your dog and then take it for a gentle walk out in your backyard and around the house to give it the chance to get used to the feeling of a leash and collar around its neck. Eventually your dog may get sick of it but you need to give yourself the opportunity to get used to dog walking and find out how it reacts when it has a leash and collar on it.
  • After you know your dog has gotten used to walking with a leash and collar on it you can then take it outside to a nice quiet area with limited distractions. Your dog at first will no doubt be extremely excited at finally being able to go outside and experience the outdoors but you should always remain in control as you walk it. A dog is a pack animal and you should in no way ever let it take control in any form, so always maintain a lead and be strong and firm with your dog. You should stop dog from pulling in order to control it.
  • When your dog has gotten the hang of walking around in a quiet area and some basic leash and collar control you can then try and take your dog for a walk in a busier area where there may be some more distractions for your pooch. These may include a park, a beach or somewhere similar in order to allow your dog a better experience with a lot more things to see. Always though remain in control no matter what and keep an eye on your dog as it will no doubt be extremely inquisitive as to it’s surroundings and will attempt to pull towards everything it sees and smells. Remember you are the pack leader and it should never be the case that the dog is in control under any circumstance. Remembering this constantly will always ensure that you have a good level of control over your dog.
  • Once you have a good amount of control over your dog when walking it you can always move on to off leash walking if that’s what you want to achieve. There are many ways to go about this and we have a separate article on this site that can help you in achieving this. It is a long hard process though that should never be underestimated so always be vigilant and patient when training your dog to walk off a leash. Never assume your dog will just automatically know how to walk without the aid of a leash so keep trying your hardest for off leash training and eventually it will get the hang of it.

There is no better feeling than achieving a good level of training with your dog so you should always try your very best in training and eventually your hard work will pay off. Always maintain a good schedule in training and make sure you reward your dog for good behaviour when it follows your instructions and give it plenty of praise when it does the right thing. By keeping this up you will soon find your dog will be well trained in no time!